About Florida Spine and Injury Institute

The Florida Spine and Injury Institute is a Lakeland chiropractic center. We are a community and family oriented clinic. Our facility treats a variety of injuries. The injuries we treat include: chronic lower back pain, chronic upper back pain, disc bulges, disc herniations, as well as injuries sustained as a result of a car accident. We pride ourselves in our facility and our high quality patient service oriented approach to chiropractic medicine. We also provide Lakeland massage services to our patients.Our office was founded by Doctor Mohammad Hamtaee, DC. Doctor Hamtaee has an adamant passion for healing his patient’s injuries while providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere within the clinic.

As the founder of the Florida Spine and Injury Institute, Dr.Hamtaee strives to educate his patients in addition to providing an excellent patient experience, while putting the care of each treatment before anything else. Our patients are treated on a personalized basis. We do not implement a “cookie cutter” injury treatment program. Just as you are different from everyone else, the treatment program we develop for you will be designed and tailored for your specific medical needs and diagnosis. We also have several licensed massage therapists on staff. We blend a spa experience with the knowledge and effectiveness of an injury rehabilitation experience.

The entire Florida Spine and Injury Institute staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We want you to feel welcome when you are in the clinic. Our goal is for you to be excited about your visits. Our car accident, massage, and chiropractic patients come from Lakeland and the surrounding areas to receive the quality of care provided at the Florida Spine and Injury Institute. If you or anyone you know suffers from any injuries, or has been involved in an auto accident, we can help. Contact our Lakeland injury center today. We are here to help with your recovery.