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Did You Know?

In Florida, there are over 15.3 million licensed drivers who drive on the road daily. According to the data shared by FLHSMV, in 2019 there were over 400,000 car crashes statewide: with 254,000 reported injuries. Nearly 12,000 of those crashes occurred in Polk County. These statistics are staggering and hard to overlook.

Hospitals usually don’t detect soft tissue injuries and will release the patient as “OK.” It is important to understand that not all injuries are visible physically. Below you will find answers to some questions or concerns that might be stopping you from obtaining much needed treatment.

Do I need treatment if there was “MINIMAL” visual property damage to my vehicle?

Studies show an impact at speeds below 10 MPH can cause injuries to the driver and passengers of a vehicle. The impact is believed to be absorbed by the body and spine; therefore even if there are no obvious injuries, you should seek an evaluation by calling our facility as soon as possible.

Do I need a referral to be seen after an accident, and how do I make an appointment?

No, a referral is not necessary. All you need to do is call our office, and our staff will get you scheduled on the same day or at your earliest convenience.

How long do I have to seek treatment after a car accident?

Florida law states that there are only 14 days from the date of your accident to be seen by a medical professional in order to use your PIP coverage. It is important to understand that not all injuries will be detected immediately and will begin to show signs after days or weeks. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us; being evaluated within this time frame can save you a lot of trouble and thousands of dollars in the future.

Do I need insurance to be seen after an accident?

No, while it is especially important to use your PIP insurance coverage, it is not necessary to be treated at our facility. We can provide treatment if you have an attorney who can issue a LOP (Letter of Protection).

What is LOP?

LOP stands for Letter of Protection. This letter allows a patient with legal representation to be treated without having to pay medical expenses upfront. The balance will be resolved once a legal case settles against an insurance company for bodily injury coverage by your legal representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although legal representation is not necessary to receive treatment at our facility, we can provide you with a reliable attorney. We have worked with several local attorneys big and small throughout the years who are able to help answer any questions and represent your best interests.

In Florida, a “No-Fault” state, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is required to be purchased by all owners of motor vehicles registered in the state. PIP coverage makes the individual responsible for their own injuries in an accident regardless of fault. The intention is to provide injured drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage. 

Now there have been updates to the law under PIP coverage that requires patients to be evaluated for an “Emergency Medical Condition” (EMC) which grants access to the full benefits of $10,000. Without this determination, your benefits are limited to $2,500.00. Fortunately for you, we can provide this EMC within our facility making this process one step easier. 

Even if you were at fault you deserve to be treated, it is necessary and available. However, being at fault does exclude you from getting a LOP, so valid PIP coverage will be needed to cover your medical expenses. It is crucial to follow the 14-day and EMC rules to ensure you have the full $10,000.00 available.

No, we are trained to take all personal injury cases. If you have suffered any of the following, we will give you an evaluation and set a treatment plan that best suits your needs:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Semi-Truck
  • Pedestrian
  • Sports Injuries
  • Acute or Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Spinal Disc Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Any Type of Accident

Claro que si, tenemos empleados bilingue que le podran ayudar durante su visita. 

Yes, our staff is bilingual and will be able to help you during your visit.


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