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The Florida Spine and Injury Institute is a Lakeland chiropractor and massage center. Our clinic is located directly in the heart of Lakeland, Florida.  Our mission is to provide an exceptional patient care experience only provided by our clinic. Dr. Mohammad Hamtaee is the main physician within our facility. He provides vast knowledge on the area of chiropractic medicine to all of his patients. Dr. Hamtaee takes an approach to educate, as well as effectively treat each and every patient. We provide chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, physical therapy, spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, as well as car accident injury treatment. Our facility has a warm spa and therapeutic feel.

A Lakeland chiropractor may recommend certain aspects of the patient’s  lifestyle be altered.  These recommended alterations may include modifying the patient’s diet and nutritional regimen, as well as certain programs focusing on individual care. The reason for these alterations is to provide a long term fix to the patient’s pain. All of our patient programs have the big picture in mind. We don’t offer quick temporary solutions. Our goal is to find the cause of your pain and adjust your lifestyle and get you on the road to enjoying life without pain.


It is common for a Lakeland chiropractor to utilize various types of therapeutic equipment to aid in the treatment of their patient’s injuries. Examples of such therapeutic equipment can include: ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, as well as other treatments. The goal of these treatments from a Lakeland chiropractor is the reducing of back pain and inflammation. The therapies provided by these pieces of equipment are non-invasive and have shown to be effective, when treating patients with chronic symptoms.

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