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The Danger of Soft Tissue Injuries After a Car Crash

Soft tissue surrounds vital organs and supports various structures in the body. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia in the body all consist of soft tissue. Unfortunately, soft tissue is also highly susceptible to injury.  

Soft Tissue Injuries

The sudden impact that a car crash exerts on the body can cause various soft tissue injuries. Among the most common soft tissue injuries that occur in automobile accidents include sprains, strains, and contusions.

The Dangers of Auto Accident Soft Tissue Injuries

When treated promptly, soft tissue injuries can heal completely. However, if left untreated, a soft tissue injury can intensify and become a chronic issue. 

Additionally, soft tissue injuries are often treated incorrectly. Many people opt for at-home remedies after a car accident, which is typically not sufficient enough to fully recover from an injury. For example, physical therapy may be needed to regain the function of the injured area and prevent further damage. A proper diagnosis is crucial to get to the root of the injury and start the healing process as soon as possible. 

Oftentimes, hospitals aren’t able to detect soft tissue injuries and release patients without a diagnosis or treatment plan. This is mainly because soft tissue damage doesn’t appear on x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs. So, it’s important to visit a physician with experience in automobile accident injuries after a crash to ensure that soft tissue trauma doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Visit an Auto Accident Injury Expert

Under Florida law, people only have 14 days after an automobile accident to seek medical care in order to use their PIP insurance coverage. If you were recently involved in a car crash, visit the Florida Spine & Injury Institute of Lakeland for an expert evaluation. Our physicians are experienced in the treatment of soft tissue injuries after auto accidents and will ensure that you get the care you need to make a full recovery.