Manual Therapy

Reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and improve range of motion.

Manual Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes skilled, hands-on techniques including, but not limited to, manipulation and mobilization. It is used to diagnose soft tissue and joint injuries and treat them by reducing pain. It also increases the range of motion and myofascial restrictions to improve muscle strength along with promoting lymphatic drainage. A G5 Machine is used throughout this procedure, which allows for directional stroking of the body. Its two-force action is effective in dislodging and mobilizing secretions and metabolic byproducts, especially effective for lymphatic drainage and detoxification. The overall purpose is to help reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and improve range of motion.

Top 3 Reasons to Get Checked Immediately After an Acciden

Reason #1

Insurance requires that you be checked by a qualified physician within 14 days after your accident.

Reason #2

The sooner you receive care, the faster you can be diagnosed and receive the proper medical treatment.

Reason #3

Our clinic has helped hundreds of auto accident victims receive care and information about what's next.

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Dr. Hamtaee and Dr. Zemankiewicz provide outstanding care to all patients who visit Florida Spine & Injury Institute of Lakeland. 


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