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Why You Should Still See a Doctor After a Car Accident Even If You Don’t Feel Pain

People who are involved in car accidents don’t necessarily feel pain after the crash. Without pain, these individuals often don’t visit a doctor, assuming that they weren’t injured. Other victims of car accidents may feel some pain, but guess that they’re simply sore from the crash and don’t need to receive medical attention. 

Anyone involved in a car accident should see a doctor promptly. Here’s why:

Some Injuries May Have Delayed Symptoms

The symptoms of some common auto accident injuries, manely soft tissue injuries, may not appear immediately. The delayed onset of symptoms of whiplash, for example, make it common for the injury to go untreated. In fact, symptoms of whiplash may take days or even weeks to set in. When the symptoms do become apparent, patients will face a longer, more extensive recovery period than if they were to seek out treatment immediately. 

Mild Soreness Could Indicate a More Serious Injury

If you’re feeling sore immediately after an accident, the cause of the soreness could be more serious than you think. Soreness could be an effect of a back or neck injury, such as a herniated disc or lumbar sprain. The symptoms of a spinal injury may gradually become worse without treatment, eventually leading to serious pain and discomfort. To prevent escalating symptoms, visit an experienced auto accident doctor after the crash. 

Auto Accident Injuries Will Worsen When Left Untreated

As with any injury, prompt treatment will allow for a faster recovery. Receiving treatment for an injury immediately after a car crash can significantly shorten the amount of downtime required. Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, a skilled auto accident physician can identify the injury and implement a treatment plan to prevent further damage. 

Insurance Requires That You Get Evaluated Promptly

Under Florida law, to use your PIP insurance coverage for medical costs associated with a car accident, you need to be seen by a physician within 14 days of the crash. So by seeing a doctor within this timeframe after an accident, even if you don’t feel pain, you’ll avoid a great deal of hassle when submitting your insurance claim. 

If you were recently in an auto accident, visit the Florida Spine & Injury Institute of Lakeland for an evaluation and personalized treatment plan.