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5 Surprising Injuries Caused by Minor Fender Benders

It’s easy to think that a minor car accident at low speeds isn’t going to cause major damage to the vehicle, much less to the people inside, but even minor fender benders can lead to very expensive damages and injuries. Here are some of the most surprising injuries that can happen when you collide with another vehicle at 25 mph or less.

Slipped discs or spine misalignment

These are the most common spine injuries in minor car accidents; and with prompt and effective treatment, they are the easiest to remedy. It is actually very easy for the spine to be shifted out of alignment, and a slow speed car accident provides plenty of force to accomplish the task. If you see a chiropractor right away to have your spine realigned, you shouldn’t have too many issues going forward.

Whiplash in rear-end accidents

Whiplash is the most common injury suffered in car accidents at any speed. Most people think that you have to collide at high speeds to get whiplash. It is actually caused by the snapping of the neck forward and back again, which can happen at even just 5 mph in a rear-end collision. Four thousand pounds of a car hit with a lot of force with very little speed.

Herniations and disc ruptures

This is the least likely injury for slow speed accidents, but it is still possible depending on several factors. Seat belts are designed to hold a person of average height firmly in their seat, but those who are significantly taller or shorter could still experience quite a bit of movement of the spine during a minor auto accident. Any involuntary and abrupt movement of the spine can lead to herniated or ruptured discs. Whenever you have vertebrae in your spine bulge or rupture, it can lead to a lifetime of chronic pain without the appropriate treatment. 

Chronic inflammation

Some people experience pain or inflammation in their spine long after a minor car accident. Even with treatment at the time of the accident, it is possible that the damage done to the spine could cause a chronic condition. Regular chiropractic treatment may be necessary indefinitely.

When you’re in a slow-speed car crash, you assume that you are uninjured. But often injuries can show up days or even weeks later, and by then they could be harder to treat. If you have recently been in a car accident, contact us today for a complete evaluation and treatment.